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Entry #1

Ah, all these humans!

2009-07-25 18:49:44 by RanYakumo

I rarely even see so many in the Human Village. Not that I got there often enough to see them.

Miss Yukari asked me to come here to help her with... Whatever she plans to do. I don't know what that is, even if she were to explain it there's no guarantee that I'd understand, but as her shikigami I am bound to follow her orders.

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2009-07-25 19:23:24

...Two things..one:...josef....wtf...two: you should listen to "power-hungry fool" from fire emblem..teehee


2009-07-25 19:37:46



2009-07-29 23:52:17

Well this is alright I guess.

But if Yuyuko joins, we're all dead.

RanYakumo responds:

Well, Miss Yukari said to use my full power for this, but that's more than most humans can take. You'd probably have more than you could handle even with Chen.

And don't worry about Saigyouji, she's too busy eating to rape humans.


2009-08-01 03:59:29

Pfft, Normal?

If I was normal would I surgically remove my normal ears and replace them with cat ears, and would I also add a tail?

I think not Miss Yakumo.

RanYakumo responds:

Of course you're not Normal, you're probably Hard right now. But I didn't say anything about being psychologically normal. Rather, given that you're a human living in the outer world, your spiritual powers are probably rather weak compared to mine.

However, if it's what you want, I'll bring Chen when she's ready and you can try against her. I'm warning you though: she's gotten a lot stronger since Perfect Cherry Blossom.


2009-08-01 16:45:47

I know I know, I've tried Extra.

But technically...Couldn't I just bring a bucket of water or a squirt gun to the fight and like win? Instantly?

RanYakumo responds:

Even a cat shikigami like Chen has some water resistance (damp clothes, for example, would not reduce Chen's power at all, at least not now), and you should know that it's not all-or-nothing. There's a continuum from "full possession" to "no possession". A small water pistol would do little or nothing, a Super Soaker might reduce the possession a certain amount, a bucket would probably knock her almost completely out of possession. But even if you throw her in a lake, you would still have to deal with Chen's physical attacks once she washed up to shore.

Miss Yukari said last night that Chen was ready to help out with her "project". I'll be showing her the site later, maybe help her make an account.


2010-05-01 16:37:41

Dearest Ran Yakumo of Gensokyo, greetings and welcome to the human world, I am Halofira, and would just like to say that you are always welcome here no matter what but please keep your powers at a rather reasonable level despite Yukari's wishes, I have a rather extreme sense of perception and can fell you presence from my current location, although it is rather weak to due massive distance of travel, i am currently suffering from massive headaches. How is Chen doing might I ask.


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